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Message for 10.10.10

From Robert Chew for 10/10/10 10:10 a.m. in 10 paragraphs!


  1. Hello Burt:


  1. Only one time in this lifetime we will see the alliteration of three 10's in a row.


  1. For you and for me, we are commemorating an epic time to share with others,


  1. In the ensuing new century, we will see a time of total peace, freedom and rewards for the innocent, the meek, the poor and the gifted. All the while the wealthy may be holding onto differing standards, we only acknowledge the shared time that is so special so that millions upon millions will pause and contemplate:


  1. This same day, this Sunday, October 10, 2010.


  1. In commemorating this day, Burt has asked us to share these words and the sample of this PAW-treated water for the present company and perhaps for us to toast one another into the next set of 1,000 years....


  1. We think about the future, the present and can even reflect upon the past. The advocates of the end of poverty, end of hunger, and the end of thirst will celebrate both quietly and in synchronicity with brothers and sisters throughout the planet earth.


  1. We thank you for celebrating these memories and the wonderful works of so many volunteers and cheerleaders who have all their lives advocated Love of life, Love of People, and Love and respect of others' opinions.


  1. We may think we know very much, but just when we think we have learned all there is, we realize it is only just the tip of the information that is yet to be revealed to us. May we bless the path we are about to venture, and may we all join hands in uniting the oneness of our family and our cultures to lead into the next century and its legacy for generations to come.


  1. Bob for Burt and others in the A Better Community for All Community.