Madrona Marsh Challenge

Madrona Marsh Preserve - 2011 in Review

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Madrona Marsh Preserve is thought to be the last seasonal freshwater marsh in Los Angeles County. More than 260 native bird, 300 plant, 31 butterfly, 21 dragonfly and hundreds of insect species have been documented on the Preserve over the past 35 years. Because of the efforts of the City of Torrance staff, Friends of Madrona Marsh, and thousands of local volunteers, Madrona is a thriving ecosystem right in the heart of Torrance California. It is a jewel of the City and well worth a visit. The Preserve is open Tuesday - Sunday 10-5. For more information call (310) 782-3989. Or contact

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    Madrona Marsh Challenge

    by mmchallenge14 videos

    Keep up with Rejuvenated Burt as he power walks around the Madrona Marsh in

  2. Moving-Planet Day 9/24/11: Madrona Marsh Challenge

    by Burton Danet1 year ago27 views

    Moving Planet Event: Madrona Marsh Challenge

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  3. The Start of the Madrona Marsh Challenge on GHRDay#15 on 05/15/2010 !

    by mmchallenge2 years ago39 views

    This is the first video clip captured during today's official start of the Madrona

  4. Great Soccer Player Takes On the Madrona Marsh Challenge!

    by Burton Danet2 years ago194 views

    Today 05/17/2010 Ernesto Valenzuela, a great soccer player from Lido Bakery in

  5. Madrona Marsh Preserve - 2011 in Review

    by madrona marsh4 months ago5 views

    Every year is different at Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature Center. This short

  6. Madrona Marsh Volunteer Tribute Video No. 09 Finale

    by Imagenatiob1 year ago18 views

    Madrona Marsh Nature Center Change Of Seasons Video No. 09 Finale.

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  7. Madrona Marsh Volunteer Tribute Video No. 07

    by Imagenatiob1 year ago6 views

    Madrona Marsh Nature Center Change Of Seasons No. 07.

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  8. Madrona Marsh Volunteer Tribute Video No. 02

    by Imagenatiob1 year ago14 views

    Madrona Marsh Nature Center - Landscape Changes With The Change Of

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  9. Madrona Marsh Volunteer Tibute Video No. 04

    by Imagenatiob1 year ago5 views

    Madrona Marsh Nature Center Change Of Seasons No. 4.

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  10. Madrona Marsh: Torrance, California

    by KQ6WQ1 year ago460 views

    The Madrona Marsh Nature Preserve is a unique look at how the area was

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  11. Pink's Trip to the Marsh

    by markjdoddy6 years ago77 views

    Pink Dot follows a Docent Through the Madrona Marsh.

  12. Ernesto Valenzuela, Great Soccer Player, Takes the MMC!

    by Burton Danet2 years ago39 views

    Ernesto Valenzuela, Cake Designer from Lido Bakery in Manhattan Beach, CA

  13. geoffrey PSA

    by TorranceCommunity5 years ago15 views

  14. Torrance - Reporting.

  15. Madrona Marsh Preserve Make a Difference Day, 2012

    by madrona marsh4 months ago42 views

    On October 27, 2012, 130 volunteers came to the Preserve to Make a Difference

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  16. Outing, Madrona Marsh

    by grabshot1 year ago22 views

    A brief visit to the marsh and visitor center, then back to the Coma Cafe on the

  17. Madrona Marsh Preserve, City of Torrance October 2012 in Review

    by madrona marsh4 months ago37 views

    Each month at Madrona Marsh Preserve is different -- seasonal changes are

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  18. Madrona Marsh - Falcon sighting

    by Carrie Scott2 years ago22 views

    January 11th, 2011 Video clip of a falcon at Madrona Marsh.

  19. madorna 360b

    by mrcryptkeeper3 years ago42 views

    Another 360 degree video in Madrona Marsh Torrance, CA.

  20. Leadership Torrance - Madrona Marsh

    by LeadershipTorrance4 years ago52 views

    Leadership Torrance - Madrona Marsh.

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